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IT Engineer

shenzhen, China





Type of Contract




Job Description

Job Responsibilities:
1. Check up and maintain Cisco switch system and Juniper firewall & VPN
2. Maintain AD Domain Controller/ MS Exchange email server/ DNS server/ DHCP server/ file server/ web proxy server/ MS forefront tmg netgate server
3. Provide desktop services, including PC and mobile phone and softwares

Job Requirements :
1. College degree or above, major in Computer Science
2. Minimum 3 years related experience, including 1 year experience in foreign company
3. Good sense of customer service
4. Good command of English on listening, speaking, reading and writing
5. Must have direct experience working with Microsoft desktop products such as Office 2010
6. Experience with desktop and server operating systems (Windows 7/8, Windows Server)
7. Working knowledge of core networking fundamentals (LAN/WAN/Wireless/VLAN)
8. Working knowledge of a range of diagnostic utilities and core applications, including PC diagnostic, Symantec Antivirus, Cisco switch, MS Exchange and Juniper VPN
9. Ability to build and support virtual machine base on windows Hyper-V system
10. Ability to build and support simple servers like DNS/ DHCP/ FILE/ TMG server


Apply through local site